Archaeological Investigations

The Commission conducted archaeological research at sites on both sides of the river in the vicinity of the future Scudder Falls Replacement Bridge. The Commission was required under the environmental assessment to conduct an archaeological survey as an environmental/cultural resource mitigation measure. Through the project’s Design Management Consultants – AECOM – Native American materials from areas that could one day be impacted by the replacement bridge project were retrieved and conveyed to state museums in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for posterity and future research. The resulting reports were completed in July 2012:

  • Data Recovery Reports NJ

  • Data Recovery Reports PA

Programmatic Agreement

Project measures intended to mitigate effects upon historic and archaeologic resources are identified in this document. Besides the Commission, other parties to this agreement are the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office (PASHPO) and the New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office (NJSHPO). The signing of this multi-party agreement was completed in November 2010.