Dangerous Interchanges

  • Current interchange configurations do not currently meet design criteria for lane and shoulder widths and ramp configurations
  • The Route 29 interchange is especially complex and confusing with a scissors configuration subjecting motorists to multiple ramp merges and at-grade intersections
    • The interchange includes 19 ramp merges and 7 at-grade intersections
    • The Route 29 interchange annually experiences high numbers of crashes
    • The interchange has closely adjoining intersections with River Road, Route 175 (Upper River Road) and Park Driveway, which provides access to the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park and the Scudder Falls Recreation Area along the river
  • The majority of crashes at interchanges involved rear-end collisions, a condition that points to importance of providing acceleration and deceleration lanes on the envisioned replacement bridge to handle vehicles queuing, exiting, and entering the interchanges from mainline I-95