Forward Schedule

  • The project is fully underway with work taking place at up to nine different locations throughout the 4.4-mile project area in fall 2017.  This includes roadway widening along the two-mile PA I-95 approach to the Scudder Falls Bridge and work at the interchanges immediately flanking the bridge.
  • Construction of the abutments and piers for the new bridge's upstream span are a critical project element; a temporary trestle causeway for this in-water work has been completed on the New Jersey side and the first leg of a similar structure on the Pennsylvania is expected to reach completion in December.
  • Cofferdams have been installed and foundations set for land-based piers in both states.
  • Please see the weekly update of current construction activities on the homepage of this website for the latest work activities.
  • The first span of the new bridge is expected to open to traffic -- with all-electronic toll collection (E-ZPass and toll billing by mail) -- in 2019.
  • The project currently is on schedule for total completion in late 2021.