High Accident & Crash Rates

  • Existing deficiencies in the project area contribute to a crash rate that is higher than adjacent segments of the I-95 mainline
  • More than 100 accidents a year are recorded at the bridge, its interchanges and approach roadways
    • 45 percent of crashes occur during the morning and evening peak travel periods comprising 6 hours out of a day
      • This shows the correlation between congested traffic conditions and crash incidence
    • While heavy vehicles (trucks and buses) have been determined to represent 6 to 10 percent of bridge traffic, analysis shows they are involved in 15 percent of all crashes
      • The grades on I-95 and the Scudder Falls Bridge between Route 29 and Taylorsville Road exacerbate the difficulty of trucks and buses attempting to accelerate and decelerate as they enter and exit from the I-95 mainline
      • The lack of sufficient acceleration and deceleration lanes at the interchanges can play a role in incidence of crashes for heavy vehicles trying to brake while exiting I-95 or attempting to accelerate into I-95 mainline traffic