Project Milestones

July 2015
Commission awards pre-construction traffic study for local state roads and intersections and five I-95 interchanges in the general vicinity of the Scudder Falls Bridge
May 2015
Subsurface Boring and Sampling Contract awarded for Scudder Falls Bridge Replacement Project; results will be used to assist in preparation of project’s final design
February 2015
Commission awards final design contract for the Scudder Falls Bridge Replacement Project
January 2015
Lower Makefield Township – Act 167 Consistency Letter issued; letter states that the storm-water management plans developed for the project’s PA side are consistent with Lower Makefield’s Delaware River South Watershed Stormwater Management Ordinance (Act 167 Plan)
March 2014
Commission received Bucks County Conservation District – Erosion and Sediment Control Approval and Bucks County Conservation District – Pennsylvania NPDES Approval.
July 2013
Delaware and Raritan Canal Commission (NJ) Certificate of Approval received.
June 2013
NJ Department of Environmental Protection issues Freshwater Individual Permit, Flood Hazard Area Verification, Flood Hazard Area Permit, and Water Quality Certificate approval.
January 2013
Commission completes archaeological research and cataloging of recovered artifacts from identified project impact sites in Ewing, N.J. and Lower Makefield, PA. in accordance with National Historic Preservation Act and in coordination with New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office and Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission; materials and reports delivered to respective state museums in Trenton and Harrisburg
September 2012
Commission receives FHWA confirmation that a tolling agreement is not required for the project under the federal MAP-21 transportation funding act
June 2012
Federal Highway Administration issues a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) decision and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)
February 2012
Commission approves project's Interagency Agreement with state departments of transportation in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
January 2012
Public comment period ends on EA Addendum; project team moves to submit remaining environmental/cultural resources documentation to FHWA for possible FONSI
December 2011
Public hearing held on tolling impacts and bike-ped path
November 2011
EA Addendum issued concerning Commission's plans to toll the replacement bridge using an all-electronic toll collection system and to include a bike-ped walkway
January 2011
Commission receives FHWA opinion affirming Commission's legal authority to toll the Scudder Falls Replacement Bridge
September 2010
Traffic consultant Jacobs Engineering submits study and analysis of traffic diversion that could occur once tolling (southbound direction only) is implemented at the replacement bridge; study (updated in May 2011 with comments made by transportation agencies) concludes that traffic diversion from tolled bridge will have minimal impacts to local roadways and bridges
August 2010
Commission formally initiates process to evaluate and deliberate potential project procurement as a Public-Private Partnership (P3); P3 later deemed disadvantageous for the Commission and its customers
July 2010
Commission asked by administrations in both states to consider possible P3 procurement for the project
June 2010
National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) issues a final Biological Opinion wherein a "No Jeopardy" determination was made with regards to impacts on threatened and endangered species
April 2010
Statement of Intent for project approved by Commission; authorizes design-bid-build procurement for the project and formally makes a bike/ped facility a project component
February 2010
Comment period closes for 561-page Environmental Assessment distributed in December
January 2010
Open House/Public Hearing held on draft EA document at two locations (one on each side of the river)
December 2010
Commission unanimously approves tolling (cashless, no toll booths) for replacement bridge as means to pay project costs
December 2010
561-page EA issued for public review and comment; document identifies and assesses how the project may impact the environment, including aesthetics, air quality, noise, water quality and aquatic life, historic resources, and cultural resources
September 2003
Commission initiates environmental documentation process eventually resulting in 892-page FONSI/NEPA decision; project-specific website and project information phone line established
January 2003
Commission enters into Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with NJDOT and PennDOT establishing the project limits as a 4.4-mile segment of I-95 from PA Route 332 in Bucks County, PA. to Bear Tavern Road in Mercer County, N.J; MOA states the Commission will bear sole financial responsibility for project's environmental document and preliminary engineering costs
September 2000
Southerly Crossings Corridor Study examines four bridges within a 9-mile reach of Trenton (Trenton-Morrisville Toll Bridge/Route 1, Lower Trenton, Calhoun Street and Scudder Falls); report identifies the Scudder Falls Bridge as a high priority for improvement